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I want to thank you for all that you have done for the Association. We can honestly say that the Energy House would not be what it is without your help! The yard looks so nice - and I know the neighbors also appreciate the complete look.

- Sharon K

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Greenscape Companies, Inc is committed to providing the highest quality landscape design, construction and customer service, and we stand by our work. We offer several different warranties on various landscaping services, in addition to the manufacturers’ warranties covering specific products used in projects.

Hardscape Warranty: we offer a 12 month workmanship guarantee, with all materials guaranteed under the manufacturers’ warranties ranging from 12 months to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer. Ask your Greenscape consultant for specific manufacturer warranties. Our Borgert Pavers carry a lifetime warranty.

Planting Warranty: all new plant material is guaranteed 12 months from time of installation.  Transplanted material is not included in this warranty.

Lawn Warranty: lawns are guaranteed to root in and grow, provided area has sprinkler system installed by Greenscape Companies, Inc. or an existing system.

Seeding Warranty: we guarantee that the soil will be prepared and seeded properly. In addition, spot treatment/fill-in provided for areas that do not take. Not responsible for damage caused by mother nature.

Sprinkler Warranty: we offer a 3 year warranty on all manufacturer parts and a 12 month labor warranty from time of install. In addition, our irrigation specialists will perform a free blowout/winterization service for the first year. Regular maintenance plans also available.