Great company to work with. Responded immediately when we had questions before project start and after project completion. Extremely hard working, professional crew. Finished ahead of schedule. Couldn't be happier with the results! Would definitely recommend this landscaping company.

- Garrick P.

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GreenTurf Sod Farm


GreenTurf Sod Farm, a division of Greenscape Companies, Inc. was started during the 2005 sod shortage to provide homeowners and wholesalers an affordable, locally grown source of high quality sod. The farm grows Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis), a lush, barefoot-friendly, dark green grass that is resistant to cooler weather and drought. This division of Greenscape allows us to eliminate the middleman that other landscaping companies must pass through, to offer highly competitive pricing and premium quality. From pick-up and/or delivery to installation and maintenance, Greenscape Companies, Inc. will handle all of your Minnesota and Fargo lawn needs.

Installing sod yourself? GreenTurf Sod Farm will strategically place the sod pallets around your property, for minimal lifting and relocating.

Rolls are available in 2ft.x 6ft. size for smaller areas laid by hand, or 2.5ft. x 50ft. sizes for large areas laid by machine.

Lawn Growing Alternatives

While seeding or hydro-seeding do not provide an “instant lawn,” they can be cost-effective alternatives, particularly for larger properties.

Hand Seeding: Our seeding services include uniformly grading the soil, adding soil amendments and fertilizer and even seeding. This process is most successful between August and September, and will germinate within 10 days. 

Hydro-seeding: This process involves spraying a combination of water, mulch, seed and fertilizer over the property. Hydro-seeding provides a thicker, more uniform lawn than sod or hand seeding that does not produce seams or patchy areas.  The combination of water, seed and mulch helps to hold moisture and insulates them to aid in faster germination.


Give the seeding and sod experts a call today at 763-441-2141 to discuss which option is best for your property. 


We proudly supply sod to the areas finest landscape companies and home builders at wholesale value

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