The Greenscape Season is Flowing

August 3, 2016

old pond


“Oohs” and “Aahs”

Take a moment to pause, fill your lungs with the warm, balmy air and reflect on how advantageous it is to live in this beautiful state – there truly isn’t another like it. It is in these four to five months out of the year that Greenscape is the busiest, but that doesn’t mean once in a while we can’t stop to soak in the grace and charm that the Minnesota summers provide.  We were able to do so after one project in particular this year…


old pond 2


In July, the Greenscape crew was privileged to install a pond water feature for a lovely couple in Milaca, MN. The space was occupied by an old, dried up pond water feature that Greenscape was able to bring back to life. This task would seem daunting to the average person, but for the Greenscape crew it was just another day at the office.  Or you could say another day in the environment.




Using some existing materials and some new, Greenscape transformed this unusable area into a tranquil, aesthetically pleasing spot in the back yard.  A nice, cozy area to read your new favorite book while listening to the white noise of the trickling water in the background.




Taking something that was never used and pumping the lifeblood back into it was what made this project unique and not like the others. It’s not easy to explain how difficult it is to walk away from a job after spending even a few days there. Creating these spaces, packing up and moving onto the next job is part of the business, but some projects are harder to depart from than the others.


new pond 2


The “oohs” and “aahs” are what we strive to receive from the customer at the end of every project.  We know after we hear those simple reactions that we have done our job and we can hand the keys over to the people who will be using it every day.  Greenscape was excited to add this project to the list of happy customers who are eternally grateful for turning their nightmare into a dream.


-The Greenscape Team-