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Summer Coming to an End – Sprinkler System Winterization

September 10, 2015

It’s time to break out the Mums, grab those landscaping gloves and start doing that last round of weeding in the yard…

Annually, before the glaciers start to form again in Minnesota and North Dakota, the ceremonial “Blow out” is the prerogative for all sprinkler systems in areas located where the frost level goes below the depth of the irrigation lines.  For those of you who are confident in your own abilities to winterize your sprinkler system, the rule of thumb is you should always leave it up to the professionals.  Even if you think you squeezed every little drop of water out of that funny pipe, some water remains and can reek havoc on a system by freezing and expanding.  In a few weeks Greenscape will be starting to schedule irrigation system blow outs.  Greenscape will make sure that your system if safe from the risk of freeze damage, and is ready for a start up the following spring.  To schedule your winterization  please call our office at 763-441-2141, or submit a form on our website and we will contact you directly.

Don’t let this preparation for winter get you down too much, we still have several warm days still left.  The Greenscape project season is still at full throttle with a lot of exciting projects ahead.  Feel free to visit us on Facebook and to see some of our 2015 projects that are being updated as we speak.  I leave you with a quote from John Steinbeck:

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

–  The Greenscape Team

Winter is here.

December 8, 2014

Put those extra layers on, gas up the snow blower, and get ready for the fluffy stuff because winter is now in full effect.

For those of you who wonder what landscaping companies do in the winter I am here to clear up all your questions.  If you think about it, most companies have their busy seasons, and their not so busy seasons.  Most landscape contractors like Greenscape don’t take a break from fine tuning things for the upcoming spring.  Whether that is adding that extra employee, or buying that one piece of extra equipment.

Although the growing season is at a halt, and dormancy has set in, the Greenscape team still offers services. These services include:

Landscape Design

Snow Removal (Residential and Commercial)


Sidewalk Shoveling

Snow Hauling

Is your current snow removal company just not cutting it?  We can certainly relieve that stress.  Please call the Greenscape office today to set up an appointment for a free snow removal estimate.

How nice would it be to come home after work to a clean driveway after a big snow storm?  Greenscape can make this happen by handling all your snow removal needs.  All of our services can be done on an individual need basis or through a snow removal management plan with our company. Our extensive fleet of equipment allows our snow removal services to be cost effective and efficient, while providing the highest standard of professional snow removal services..

The best time to design your yard is in the winter when there is more time and no sense of urgency to get it finalized.  Lets face it, in Minnesota and North Dakota we only have a few months of nice weather to enjoy, so why waste it by scrambling to get your landscape plans done when you could be enjoying your new yard?  So please call the Greenscape office and set up an appointment with one of our landscape design professionals.  We do free estimates and there are absolutely no strings attached.

One more thing, Greenscape also will be gearing up soon for trade show season.  Greenscape will be at the following shows this year:


  • Minneapolis Home & Garden Show – Minneapolis Convention Center – February 25 – March 1
  • Plymouth Yard & Garden EXPO – Plymouth Creek Center – April 11-12

Feel free to stop by our booth and say hello!